Tuesday, July 17, 2012

About Us

The word Cautionista is not in any dictionary (yet!). But, all of us know what a Fashionista is.

At Cautionista.com, our primary goal is to help you shop with style, but cautiously. Being ultra cautious shoppers ourselves, we take pride in presenting the lesser known aspects of products, rather than showcasing just their advanced features. In many cases, we have found that knowing the other side of the coin helps us shoppers make an informed decision in buying a product. In some cases, a product may have just one disadvantage that maybe key specifically for you, but maybe totally fine for 99.9% others. If you didn't know about this aspect before you buy, you end up having to return the product, which in some cases would cost you restocking fees or shipping charges, not to mention the hassle.

We obtain the information about the lesser known aspects only from reputed sources on the internet. We also present alternatives that don't appear to have some of the main disadvantages of the product being discussed. Due to the nature of what we present on our website, it may look like we are talking down some products and promoting some others. We apologize in advance to the manufacturers of the products that appear on the negative side, at the same time we would like to clarify that we do not endorse the products that appear on the positive side on Cautionista.com. We are just trying to present honest information about products, be it plus or minus.

Hope you enjoy reading our articles. We are continually updating the website, so please be sure to bookmark us and check back before your next purchase. There's a good chance that we would have already covered the lesser known aspects of the product(s) that you plan to purchase. As always, please recommend our website to your friends and family, if you find it useful.